Releases: 12.15.10

This is a mixtape I shall be releasing soon i plan to go hard and nothing less.. the current release date is above..

                               Current Tracklist

Ask About Me

Swear 2 Gawd

Bitch Don't Loze Me

Where They Do That At (Remix) ( Feat. Soulja Boy Tell Em' & Suicidal J)

Look At Me Now


                        SILVER STAR LIFE

                        Releases: 11.28.10

 This is the long awaited album I have been working hard for. I pray all of you love it, and I already have all the beats for the next album currently titled "Raw" and it will be allot harder than this album...Trust 'N' Believe.

                                        Current Tracklist

Orange County Police ( Get Bond )

Orange County Police 2 ( Lehhgo ) ( Feat. Gt )

Shawty Want Me (Feat. Quis & Suicidal J)

Pussy Wet ( Feat. Brickz & Fame Ballin' )

Bad Guyz ( Feat. Suicidal J )

Countin' Money All Day ( Feat. Marka, Suicidal J, & Krucial )

Whip it ( Feat. Rick Rude & Gt )

Extra Gramz ( Feat. Gucci Mane )

Never Look Back ( Feat. J Jon & Suicidal J )


Mrs Choppa Da Boss

Whip Game

Flushin' It ( Feat. Krucial )

Who Got it ( Feat. Mike Fligh, Suicidal j, & Krucial)

Paper Planes 

Smoke Somethin'

Champion (Money Power Fame)

Head 2 Da Sky

Full Throttle 

Haterz ( Feat. Kat Williams )

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