Well let’s see...I was born November 28, 1989 in Panama City, Fl.  Being raised by my grandmother in the Millville area, known as the hood was the worst place to grow up. When I turned 6 years old, I then moved to Orlando, Florida with other relatives; however I would constantly go back and visit my grandmother.
  I was an honor roll student until the third grade, due to slacking in class and getting so much attention from girls. You might think what did I know about girls in the third grade? Let just say I was taught in an early stage the power that women have and how to treat a women. I remember the power that this girl by the name of Erika Williams had on me. I was so attracted to her because she was smart, beautiful, and whatever should put her mind to she would do it. I knew that she would be successful in whatever she planned on doing with her life. I also vividly remember the kiss that we shared with each other. I don’t think I will ever forget that kiss, since it was my first real kiss. She had this huge effect on me to the point I wrote a song about her to express my feelings. Growing up we stayed in touch with each other. When I turn 18, my crush for her started to fade away. I had a lot of distractions preventing me from making her my girl friend. I always told myself if she asked me till this day to go out with her, I don’t think she would have to ask me twice.
 As I got to my teenage years, my interest for school was thrown into the gutters. I was so interested in learning the street life. Don’t  get me wrong I didn’t make this decisions on my own there were a couple of  influential people that I hung out with, however I put it into action. I moved from Metro West to Pine Hills known as Crime Hills. Pine Hills then was known as Choppa City due to me and my boys putting in work.
During my high school years at Evans High School, that’s where I was influenced the most. I started smoking, drinking, having sex and most of all fighting. There were gang fights between Choppa City that I was a part of and all the different gangs we didn't get along with. Since we had so many fights within the school, we all got kicked out and I was then enrolled at Edgewater High School. I then found my passion for music by finding a CD of instrumentals. I then knew that music was my life and that it is my future. I end up giving my goal of becoming the world greatest basketball player of all times. Now that I’m 20 years old, I looked back at my life of how there would be a lot of thing I would change. But then again if I did I wouldn’t become the person I am today.
I went through a lot of things with my boys that we are still facing today, but nothing can stop me from becoming a boss and the love that I have for this music industry. Today I hear a lot of people saying that they are hungry to get in this industry, well I’m famished. I’m starving to get my music out there and see everyone rocking there head to the beat and blasting the bass in their car. I believe that I have a lot of talent that I can bring to this industry. Once I see the best deal that fit to me, please get your IPod ready and your CD cases empty because I’m ready to deliver great music to the world. I'm Young Choppa Da Boss and it takes money to make money, and I won't let nothing stand in my way...NOTHING!

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